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Jump on the sled and join Winterdance owner Hank DeBruin and his team of 20 Purebred Siberian Huskies for a year in their life preparing for and competing in Alaska's Iditarod "The Last Great Race on Earth". A consuming goal that Hank has pursued for 10+ years.  The story will take you from the hills of Maine, to Haliburton and Minnesota; across Canada and to the heights of the Alaska Range and along the brutally cold, mighty Yukon River, plus many breathtaking spots and encounters inbetween.  Get a grasp on why someone would willingly put themselves through days of sleep deprivation, exposure to -50F temperatures and in the grip of blizzards.   Meet the inspiring Siberian Huskies whose survival depends on Hank as much as his depends on them, and feel the bond, admiration, love & respect that is equally shared between musher and dogs. Step into the remote wilderness of Alaska and meet the colourful people, places and landscapes that each March calls to mushers around the globe who seek the ultimate proving ground for themselves and their team.

We are excited to offer the paperback version of Iditarod Dreamer in addition to the ebook!! Click below for a free sneak peak at the first chapter!

Special Promotions for 2 weeks only!!

With every paperback order a bootie will be included that one of our dogs wore on the Yukon Quest trail during 2011. With the order of an ebook you will also receive a free bonus of 2 interviews with friends Pat Moon & Newton Marshal about their 2010 Iditarods (MP3 format and 20-45 minutes in length), we hope you enjoy them!!!!

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(an e-book is an electronic manuscript which upon purchase downloads to your computer, if you are on dialup internet please contact us for another option to receive the ebook).


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