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Keynote Speeches

Husband & wife team Tanya McCready & Hank DeBruin owners of Winterdance Dogsled Tours enjoy sharing their story and building the bridge between the corporate world and their 1000 mile arctic dogsled race one.  Their mission is to inspire teams to overcome challenges and reach their goals through improved teamwork, leadership and vision.  Having run the 1000 mile 2010 & 2012 Iditarod and the 1000 mile 2011 & 2014 Yukon Quests (plus many 200-400 mile races) the lessons and insights into how leaders inspire & teams work together to thrive are as vast and unique as the landscapes they have dogsledded through.... and the same principles that apply to their huskys also applies to your team.

While it may seem like the 2 worlds are at polar opposites (pun intended!), the connections and lessons to be learned and applied leave audiences taken back and engaged time and time again.  Tanya connects the corporate & dogsledding worlds and shares lessons, demonstrations and examples, while Hank holds audiences spell bound with his stories of what it takes to race a team of huskies 1000 miles through the Alaskan & Yukon wilderness.

Limited speaking engagements are available each year in the spring, summer and fall.  Please contact or call 705-457-5281 for available dates and more information.

Corporate dogsledding retreats (with our partners at are also available in the winter and make for excellent team building! Depending on Hank's race schedule a speaking engagement can sometimes be added in the evening to these retreats.


"I had the honour of having Tanya and Hank speak at our management meeting on September 21, 2011.  The feedback that I received was unprecedented: our team was overwhelmingly positive about the presentation; everyone found it interesting and were able to see the clear linkages between what we do as leaders in times of challenge and that of Hank assessing and developing his leaders, creating a team that can work in alignment, and then through a relationship of trust, leading that team 1,000 miles across Alaska and the Yukon.  Hank and Tanya's easy and down-to-earth style really resonated with our audience.  I will be having them back to deliver the same presentation to another group of our leadership team in November.  The following quotes round out the sentiments of some of the audience members:  "Fantastic, very genuine and from the heart.  Directly applies to what we have learned [about leadership]. We should use them in other meetings". "Genuine, passionate presenters who were able to relate their business to our corporate environment". "Excellent presentation – Hank's charm was that he was 'real' and had the direct experience". "The content is excellent – Hank is accessing a very visceral part of the human experience and there is no such thing as a boring story or one that takes 'too long'; we love hearing about it.  Tanya, you are a great natural presenter and the parallels you draw to corporate life are very pertinent.  You and your team have a winning formula and boardrooms everywhere  will benefit from your presentation".

Susan O'Dowd – Vice President, Human Resources – LifeLabs

Hank and Tanya, owners and founders of Winterdance Dogsledding have an incredibly inspiring story. It encompasses so many of the key life skills and values that create the foundation of a successful life. Their story and message touches on the power of perseverance, the importance of resiliency, teamwork and how each person and dog plays a unique and vital role in making it to the finish line. This finish line is not just the finish line of a dogsledding race, but also the successful meeting of any hard fought goal.  Their story is about triumphs, how failure can be our best teacher, and placing the care of others at the forefront of mind. Their story is also about love, connection, following your dreams and the undying bond between humans and dogs. It is an emotional story, that time and time again has left the students and teachers that we work with inspired and engaged.

We highly recommend Winterdance for dogsledding adventures. As well, if you are looking for speakers for a conference, a workshop or any group where you are looking to motivate your team, Hank and Tanya will unquestionably deliver a story that touches on endless lessons in a manner that is fueled with heart and spirit.

Jalynn Bosley & Sam Dear ~ ALIVE Outdoors Directors




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