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The dogs are grateful to their sponsors, but some are still looking for a few people who would like to support them!
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Bootie Sponsors


Sponsor the Team!

Join the team on it's adventures! We have set out several different levels of sponsorship below for people to be a part of the Yukon Quest 2016. This is kind of like getting a "backstage pass" to be closely involved with this amazing sport without having a kennel of 50 dogs in your backyard! It is through corporate and personal sponsors that our teams journeys are possible. Thank you to all our supporters!


Booties - any amount (min $20)

  • Booties are vital as they protect the dogs paws on long runs, but they don't last long!
  • The team will use over 2000 booties this winter at over $1 each that adds up!
  • Bootie sponsors will receive one of their booties back from the trail of a major race

Sponsor a dog - $250

  • Have a favourite dog that you would like to support?
  • This level helps cover food & Vet care for the dogs, plus their personal gear - coats, blankets, bowls, lights & harnesses
  • Dog sponsors will receive a picture of their dog signed by Hank, a plus husky with their chosen dogs name and Yukon Quest 2016 on the collar, plus a private invitation to the kennel this summer to visit with their dog. Each dog will only have 3 personal sponsors.

Wheel - $500

  • The dog closest to the sled, the one that is relied on to keep the sled tracking in a straight line and the lines tight
  • Wheel sponsors will receive a complimentary private 1/2 day tour for 2 people, plus a signed picture of them on the tour
  • They will also be invited for a private kennel visit to see all the dogs in the summer.

Team - $1000

  • The dogs that make up the team spirit, the ones in the middle that provide the greatest energy for the teams movement
  • Team sponsors will receive a complimentary private full day tour for 2 people, plus a signed picture of them on the run
  • An invitation to the private summer kennel party for race team sponsors
  • A special package including collectibles from one of our races.

Lead -   $2000

  • While all members of a team are essential, the team will get nowhere without an amazing leader
  • This level of sponsorship is our highest personal level to help with expenses of the race season & care of the dogs
  • Lead sponsors will receive an exclusive invitation to go for a 10 mile run with Hank & the race team
  • This is an opportunity that can't be purchased and only 5 spots will be available
  • Lead sponsors will also get a invitation for a private kennel visit in the summer and tickets to the mushers banquet at any of the races we run if they wish to attend

Corporate Team Sponsorships - please inquire for more details


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