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2020 Husky Calendars Available!

2020 calendars now available!

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 at $10.00 each
2020 Calendar

The Winterdance calendar features photos of our beautiful Siberian

Huskies dogsledding from Haliburton, Ontario to Alaska over the last several years. From husky puppies to the Yukon Quest & Iditarod teams we are proud to share our Siberian Husky family with you.

The calendar's dimensions are 9" x 12", and the paper is a heavy cardstock.
We can usually get them in the mail to you the next business day.

The entire proceeds from this calendar will help fund Hank and the raceteam's adventures. THANK YOU for your kind support of the team!

 at $19.95 each
Iditarod Dreamer, A Rookie Team's Journey - Paperback

Jump on the sled and join Winterdance Dogsled Tours owner Hank DeBruin and his team of 20 Purebred Siberian Huskies for a year in their life preparing for and competing in Alaska's Iditarod "The Last Great Race on Earth". This has been a consuming goal that Hank has pursued for 10 plus years. The story will take you from the hills of Maine, Haliburton, Ontario and Minnesota, across Canada to the heights of the Alaska Range and along the brutally cold, mighty Yukon River, plus many breathtaking spots and encounters along the way. Grasp why someone would willingly put themselves through days of sleep deprivation, exposure to -50F temperatures and in the grip of blizzards. Meet lead dogs Max, Lily, Strider and Maverick and the other inspiring Siberian Huskies on the team whose survival depends on Hank as much as his depends on them. Feel the bond, admiration, love and respect that is equally shared between them. Step into the remote wilderness of Alaska and meet the colourful people, places and landscapes, that call to mushers around the globe. Those who each March seek the ultimate proving ground for themselves and their team.


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