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A 5 year old Rip & Gerdie boy, and brother to Joker (his mortal love/hate enemy), Duke, Harley, Ninja, Suzy and Rebel he bears a striking resemblence to his father. Ace loves to run and is a powerhouse of a wheel dog but is also now becoming a great leader. He also enjoys stirring the pot if he gets a chance so he will usually be found running by himself or beside a pretty girl.



A new young member to the race team this year, Andy & his sister Snowball were born in January 2007. Their parents are Foxy and Ninja. Not exactly a planned litter, more a fall training run romance….. However with both of their parents on the race team they have great potential!!! Hank named Andy after Rick Swenson’s (the only 5 time winner of the Iditarod) famous lead dog “Andy”. Andy ran as a yearling on Tanya’s raceteam in the 30 mile mile in Maine last winter and performed wonderfully! He is a very sweet, yet quite funny dog.


A fiesty yearling teammate in 2007 Ariel is now 4 years old. Her siblings are Belle, Beauty & Jasmine, the “Disney Princess” litter out of Jewel & Bear. Ariel living up to her namesake has red hair and blue eyes!! She totally loves running and it will be interesting to see if she becomes a lead dog with her spunk. She rooms with her sister Beauty.


Cherokee has been with us for quite a few years now and is approximately 12 years old. The kennel she came from had rescued her a few years earlier. Her family had moved away and left her tied to the house by herself. Considering how she was treated she has a great personality, very loving and “talkative”. You just glance in her direction and she will treat you to a happy howl! She adores kids and is definately one of our children’s favourite dogs. She lives with Casper and does a good job of keeping him inline!


A full brother and identical twin to Cosmo, Rusty is also his brother. While Comet (12 years old) and Cosmo look absolutely identical their personalities are very different. Comet, while loving to have fun is more serious than his twin. Comet runs everywhere, lead, wheel & point and loves every second of it! When out in the exercise yard he will usually be the one instigating and leading a full out game of chase. Comet is in amazing shape for his age and still enjoys going out on our 2 hour tours and visiting resorts.


Meet Louis!  He was a solo pup born to

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